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Financial & Accounting

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DooTask - Project Task Management Tool
Project Management

DooTask is an open-source online project task management tool that pro...

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Chatify is Laravel's #1 one-to-one chatting system package, which help...

Laravel Talk | Open Source Collection
Chat Systems

Talk is a real-time user messaging and chatting system built on top of...

Timegrid Download | Open Source Collection
Reservation & Booking

Timegrid is a free, open-source, online appointment platform based on ...

School Management System Laravel Free Download

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OfficeLife | Open Source Collection

OfficeLife is the first EmpOps platform. It manages everything employe...

Laravel projects With Source Code 

If you are starting your journey as a Laravel Developer, then you need some great ideas for Laravel projects With Source Code. Laravel's robust features, including its Eloquent ORM, authentication system, Blade templating engine, and extensive package ecosystem, make it a versatile choice for various web development projects. Our Laravel open-source projects will help you learn this framework and understand its complications and uses by showing live demos and screenshots.

Our goal is to provide high-quality Laravel Projects with source code to take inspiration from and learn from. We will start off by explaining the framework and the Laravel project.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel PHP framework is a web application tool for developing efficient and easier websites. Taylor Otwell created Laravel, and it was first released in 2011. It’s an open-source PHP framework that helps build custom web applications. The main idea behind Laravel is to make common tasks such as routing, authentication, caching, and database management easier with expressive syntax. They recently came out with the latest edition of Laravel which is version ten.

The backend of the system uses a Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm to store data. This gives the server full control over how the content is shown to users. Using this component architecture, Laravel has become a popular choice amongst many big-name companies such as BBC, Pfizer, 9GAG, and Crowdcube due to its simplicity.

If you take a glance at the chart below, you can see that companies are demanding more and more for Laravel projects. This could be your chance to get free practice when starting up as a developer if you look into some projects that use this framework. We have an archive of multiple projects that implemented Laravel here at OpenSourceCollection.

Source: BuiltWith


Top Laravel Features That Are Transforming The Industries

Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM is a feature that has profoundly impacted industries. It allows developers to use an intuitive and expressive syntax to handle databases. Through this feature, database interactions were simplified which lessens the time and effort spent on managing them. Industries such as e-commerce and finance benefit from it since their apps are heavily reliant on databases.

Blade Templating Engine

Developers can create dynamic templates using the Blade templating engine. Its syntax is intuitive and concise, making it easier to manage an application’s presentation layer.

Real-Time Applications with Broadcasting 

Laravel's broadcasting capabilities enable the development of real-time applications using WebSockets. This is valuable for messaging, collaboration, and live data visualization industries.


The Laracasts platform is a web development learning and community focused on using Laravel PHP frameworks and related technologies. Created by Jeffrey Way, Laracasts offers a wide range of video tutorials, screencasts, and articles aimed at helping developers learn and master Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, and other web development tools and practices. 

Integrations Across Several Devices

The user interfaces that Laravel offers make it possible for an app to be aesthetically appealing regardless of the device. This includes PCs, laptops, wearables, and more! More advanced techniques to improve the interface are also being considered, like multi-contact or multi-screen implementations.

Automated Testing 

Compared to a manual test environment, Laravel’s automated testing delivers accurate results. A developer who uses this will get precise findings that are useful in creating effective apps. In turn, users of the app won’t experience any errors or problems.

These features and Laravel's emphasis on modern development practices, code maintainability, and developer experience have made it a preferred choice in various industries. If you are willing to use these features in your programming, you must learn the language deeply. OpensourceCollection’s Laravel projects With Source Code will help you with this. You can learn the language deeply because our hundreds of projects contain all the features.

Types Of Laravel Projects With Source Code We Have

You know what? Laravel is a versatile PHP web framework that can be used to develop a wide range of projects. So, Here we are sharing some common types of Laravel projects we have at OpenSourceCollection:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)- You can find out Popular CMS built with Laravel including October CMS and PyroCMS on our website.

  • E-commerce Platforms- you know what? Laravel can be used to build e-commerce platforms with features like product catalogs, shopping carts, payment gateways, and order processing. We have a lot more Ecommerce Projects with source code to help you.

  • Social Media Applications- we understand that Laravel is suitable for creating social networking platforms with user profiles, posts, comments, likes, and messaging features. We have many related projects for you.

  • E-Learning and Blogging Platforms- Did you know? Laravel can power e-learning and blogging platforms with features like course management, quizzes, article creation, user progress tracking, and content delivery. Get them all!

  • Saas Applications- Our SaaS applications include user account management, subscription billing, and data isolation. Check them out on our website.

  • API Backends for Mobile Apps: We can develop backends for mobile applications, providing data storage, user authentication, and communication.

Why Choose OpenSourceCollection?

OpеnSourcеCollеction’s Laravеl project can offer valuable benefits to dеvеlopеrs and studеnts looking to gain еxpеriеncе in web dеvеlopmеnt and sourcе codе and еnhancе their skills. So, read on to find out how OpеnSourcеCollеction’s Laravel open source projects to contribute in help for dеvеlopеrs, studеnts, and businеss professionals with sourcе codе:

  • Skill development: Developers are exposed to real-world issues through our Laravel projects, increasing their knowledge in web development, Laravel, and related areas.

  • Practical Experience: Through our projects, students are able to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

  • Accelerated development: Our Laravel projects can accelerate your coding, resulting in faster development and deployment.

  • Cost Savings: Our Laravel projects with source code download are completely free, which will save you money, and if you spend more money, you can get higher skills.


Embarking on your journey as a Laravel Developer? Explore a variety of Laravel projects with source code on OpenSourceCollection to gain insights and hone your skills. Delve into projects like Invoice Ninja, DooTask, UnifiedTransform, TastyIgniter, Chatify, Talk, Timegrid, School Management System, OfficeLife, NexoPOS, Lav SMS, Free PMO, Library Management System, Ecommerce-Laravel, Laravel Video Chat, Video Chat App, Booking App, Attendance Management System, Velflix, Joblister Laravel 8, Toko App, and Facebook Clone. These Laravel projects cover diverse domains, from e-commerce and video chat to school management and social networking. They serve as valuable resources for skill development and practical experience in web development with Laravel. Plus, they're all available for free download on OpenSourceCollection. Happy coding!



Where should I create a Laravel project?

Starting your Laravel project can involve a variety of hosting and development options that appeal to your individual needs and interests. Your preference on where to commence your Laravel project relies on your team collaboration, scalability requirements, development workflow, and budget. Commencing on your local device is uncomplicated and often preferred for local development. Once your project attains production maturity, you might want to mull over transferring it to a managed Laravel hosting platform, cloud hosting, or a dedicated server.

Now, You can find Laravel projects with source code on various platforms, such as GitHub, GitLab, and OpenSourceCollection. But at OpenSourceCollection, you can use them all free of cost.

Yes, Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework. This means that you can use, modify, and distribute Laravel freely, even for commercial purposes. You can find many Laravel Open Source Projects at OpenSourceCollection.

Whether you're developing small-scale web applications or large enterprise-class systems, you'll find Laravel to be an excellent choice due to its flexibility, comprehensive ecosystem, and active community.