About Open Source Collection

Our goal is to help the tech community to find new & useful open source projects in one place.







Who We Are?

Welcome to Open Source Collection your ultimate hub for finding the best free open-source projects to participate in! Our services aim to offer a list of open-source web apps across categories such as e-commerce, social networking, video streaming, Enterprise Resource Planning, and many others. Whether you are a developer who is in desperate need of resources or a business owner who is in desperate need of a solution, we are here to assist. 

Open Source Collection was Founded by Habib in 2023. At our website, we convey you the best Open Source Projects available. The aim of this site is to assist developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in obtaining information on good or even superior free software. 

The Open Source Collection was developed to bring key open-source projects closer to everyone interested in them. Ever since its creation, the company has focused on bringing various types of applications that range from relatively simple blogging applications to complex ERP systems. 

Our Vision

At Open Source Collection, we believe in the power of open-source technology. Our vision is to make high-quality open-source projects accessible to everyone, fostering innovation and collaboration within the tech community. That's why we've curated an extensive collection of projects developed using popular technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and more. By providing filters based on categories and technologies, we strive to make your search for the perfect web application as effortless as possible. 

We are passionate about the power of open-source software. It allows developers to share their work, learn from each other, and build amazing things together. By providing access to a wide range of open-source projects, we aim to support this collaborative spirit and help people create, innovate, and solve problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses by connecting them with outstanding open-source projects. We want to help you find the best free software to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to launch a new online store, enhance your social media presence, stream videos seamlessly, or streamline your business processes with an ERP system, we have a diverse range of projects for you to explore and leverage.

What we Aim to do:

We are here to support you in various ways: 

  • For Developers: We offer several types of projects that can be utilized for learning, getting ideas, or contributing. Regardless of your coding level, you will discover something useful on this page. 

  • For Entrepreneurs: If you are planning to start a new business or wish to build up your existing one we have templates available for this. Whether it is about creating a new online store or enhancing your community on social platforms, our projects will help you get started. 

  • For Businesses: We provide solutions that can be used to enhance productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Whether you are seeking software for the management of your resources or video streaming we have projects that will fit your needs. 

What We Offer

  • Extensive Collection: Keeping this in mind, we have featured a wide list of open-source projects mainly built with the help of PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, and Node. js, Python, and more. We also tag them according to the technology, making it easy for you to search. 

  • Easy Navigation: It becomes very easy for a user to select a web application project depending on the categories of the project and the technologies of the user’s preference. 

  • Live Demos: You will get to witness how each project works from various demonstrations. Explore how the applications operate and engage users with the interface before going straight to the code. 

  • Visual Previews: In addition, we offer screenshots of each project as well as live demos. This assists you with the layout and enables you to incorporate the vision of the design plan, leading you to appreciate the prospects of the project fully. 

  • Access to Source Code: For those readers who are more detail-oriented, we provide links to the actual repositories in GitHub for additional information. It provides the ability to edit the source code for improved study or use it and tweak it in any way wanted. 

Why Choose Open Source Collection?

  • Free and Open: Each project presented on our website is free and all of them can be used for modification, which is a sign of a true and successful project. 

  • Quality and Reliability: Only top quality and reliable materials are used in these projects and it will only get better from here, so be assured of the solutions you get here. 

  • Community-Driven: We welcome everyone to contribute as per their capability. When submitting your project for display here, we have a simple process that enables the project to be posted. 

  • SEO-Optimized Content: We understand the need to filter out projects that are irrelevant to the client’s need and, therefore, make our content scroll-friendly.