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Mastodon: A Microblogging Community | Open Source Collection
Ruby on Rails
Social Networking

Mastodon is a self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging commu...

Discourse Free Download, View Demo and Screenshots
Ruby on Rails
Social Networking

Discourse is a 100% open source community platform that is developed i...

Chatwoot Self-Hosted | Open Source Collection
Ruby on Rails

Chatwoot is a self-hosted open-source live-chat, email support, omni-c...

Zammad is a Helpdesk/Customer Support System | Zammad Demo
Ruby on Rails
Ticketing & Support

Zammad is a web-based open-source helpdesk/customer support system wit...

Fat Free CRM Download | Open Source Collection
Ruby on Rails

Download Fat Free CRM, an open source CRM based on Ruby on Rails. It a...

Chaskiq is a Free Live Chat, Support & Marketing Platform
Ruby on Rails
Ticketing & Support

Chaskiq is a full-featured live chat, support & marketing platform, al...

Helpy: An Open Source Helpdesk Customer Support Application
Ruby on Rails
Ticketing & Support

Helpy is a modern, open-source helpdesk customer support application. ...

Astuto Download and View Screenshots | Open Source Collection
Ruby on Rails
Productivity Tools

Astuto a free, open source, self-hosted customer feedback tool. It hel...

Autolab Download | Open Source Collection
Ruby on Rails
Learning Management

Autolab is a course management service. It enables instructors to offe...

Ruby on Rails Projects With Source Code

Rub on Rails (RoR) has been at the forefront of web design, owing to the fact that it converses automotive developers into building state-of-the-art, scalable, and keepable software applications. The receptive RoR community, which has an entire ecosystem of open-source projects as one of its main qualities, is another important feature. These projects, from frameworks and libraries to applications and plugins, are essential to the ecosystems, and through collaboration, innovation, and sharing of information, they bring together this community.

If you are a newcomer who wants to engage in Ruby and Rails Open Source Projects, luckily, there are several projects designed to enable every beginner to learn, contribute, and grow within the community. This usually involves a friendly community, approved contribution principles, and easy-to-implement features even for newcomers or less experienced developers. This article will guide you through what is needed in order to understand all about the Ruby on Rails Open Source Projects For Beginners from identifying the ground through to submission and even starting your own project.

What Is Ruby on Rails?

"Ruby on Rails" means the availability of this framework under open source. The Ruby on Rails framework is an open-source web application that was written in Ruby. Being open-source is associated with the fact that the source code of the framework is freely available and can be used by anyone for personal reuse or modification of the framework as well as can be shared with others under the same open-source license.

List Of Best Ruby And Rails Open Source Projects

Here are some excellent Ruby and Rails Open Source Projects for Beginners:


RailsBridge is an organization established to boost representation in the technology sector by organizing no-cost workshops and resources to teach the Rails and Ruby both as well. Building RailsBridge projects is an awesome way for beginners to give a little bit back in a manner of speaking to the open source community but also help a good cause.

Open Source Rails

Open Source Rails is a custom package comprising of open-source Ruby on Rails applications, libraries, and tools. It is a great starting point to suggest a new project to be added to the list, to update the projects currently available or to provide instructions and tutorials for projects that use the Arduino.

One Month Rails

One Month Rails Plattform for learning which is the education for those who are beginners on how to build web applications with Ruby on Rails. With the project's GitHub page having exercises, sample code, and tutorials, beginners can contribute to this resource by fixing bugs, enhancing documentation, and adding other features to it. is a resource that is driven by various open-source communities and is used to explore and discuss just about any programming activity. The software is open source, and beginners may fix bugs, and new features or update documentation. Helping out with is an excellent opportunity to acquire skills in creating a Rails-based application of such a scale, while also a place where one can network with the global community of developers.


Codetriage is a platform that aims to solve the problem of developers easily getting lost in the vast pool of open-source projects by triaging GitHub issues to get them to contribute. New contributors can register at Codetriage and receive a special list that includes beginner-friendly fields concerning Rails projects and various other open-source repositories. This is an excellent chance to get even more engaged in real projects, with the possibility of being guided by experienced developers.

Rails Girls Guides

Rails Girls is an international NGO that strives to increase women's participation in the tech sphere. It is committed to encouraging and motivating them in the field. What Rails Girls Guides do is prepare guides for Rails on Ruby tutorials and beginners can contribute to these guides by improving documentation and translating content into different languages or making new tutorials.

Jumpstart Rails

Jumpstart Rails is the open-source template to start a Rails application, consisting of everything one needs to create a modern web application including administration, authentication, and user management. The beginners can participate in the Jumping Rays project by ironing out bugs, adding new features, or improving the documentation.

Ruby and Rails Open Source applications

Developers can study, contribute to, and even employ a plethora of open-source Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications that are available for their projects. These programs are used in many different fields, such as social networks, project management tools, and e-commerce and content management systems. The following are a few noteworthy instances of Ruby and Rails Open Source applications:

  • Spree Commerce: Built with Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce is an extendable, modular, and adaptable e-commerce platform. It offers a flexible shop, strong backend management, and compatibility with multiple payment gateways and delivery options. Businesses of all sizes frequently utilize Spree Commerce to build their online storefronts.

  • Redmine: Written in Ruby and Rails, Redmine is a well-known project management and problem-tracking tool. It is appropriate for organizing software development projects and other collaborative endeavors because it includes features like project wikis, forums, time tracking, and Gantt charts.

  • Refinery CMS: Developed using Ruby on Rails, Refinery CMS is an open-source content management system (CMS). It provides an easy-to-use interface for handling the pages, photos, and multimedia assets that make up a website. Refinery CMS may be used to create a wide variety of websites and online apps because of its great degree of customization and extensibility.

  • GitLab: GitLab is a web-based platform for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), issue tracking, Git repository management, and collaboration tools. Although Ruby is the primary programming language used in GitLab, other technologies like Go and Vue.js are also used.

  • Forum: A Forum is an open-source platform that facilitates the creation of online forums and communities. Forum is a Ruby on Rails application that was first created by DEV Community. It has features like user profiles, commenting, liking, and sharing.

Why Choose OpenSourceCollection’s Projects?

Our Ruby and Rails projects with source code are advantageous to developers, learners, business owners, and the open-source community. Hеrе arе somе of thе prompt advantagеs that you can gеt:

  • Develop Learning and Education- Students will be able to learn our Ruby and Rails projects with internal source codes well when they are developed. These videos are for novices, they give a practical demonstration of Ruby and Rails in the real world, learning to apply programming concepts.

  • Rapid Development – With our existing Ruby and Rails projects as a foundation, the speed of the developing process is increased. Developers and business owners can learn from one another and reuse material, thus cutting the time and effort to make a project up.

  • Real-world Use Cases- Some of the projects in Ruby and Rails are on issues that occur in the real world, hence, as developers, one gets the essence of applications of Ruby and Rails in solving these practical issues and challenges.

  • Personalization - A developer can make changes to existing Ruby on Rails projects with source code to meet specific requirements. This way, the user doesn’t spend time and effort to build projects, but can rather use the templates dedicatedly to create projects on their own.

  • Cost Efficiеncy: Our Rails and Ruby projects with open source code ерurе are absolutely frеe of cost, which will save money as well allowing your to ерurhe but not spending much money can earn you high-quality skills.


How do I find a good open-source project for beginners?

Here are some suggestions to assist you in locating beginner-friendly challenges or tasks: One helpful tip is to look into issue tracker projects on platforms like GitHub. When you are searching for projects, focus on the paragraphs the stickers that are used say "good first issue", "beginner-friendly" or "help wanted". These labels are most often used for the projects that new people can do.

Yukihiro Matsumoto is claimed to have created the object-oriented scripting language Ruby in the middle of the 1990s. However, starting from today, this language is available for free. Script language is not the language that eliminates a direct connection with the hardware, unlike that C and C ++.

The Ruby on Rails framework, also referred to as "RoR" or just "Rails," is an Open Source Web development framework designed for Ruby, an object-oriented programming language that bears similarities to Perl and Python.

GitLab Code collaboration is the apparent winner. Gitlab is a logically designed and user-friendly software that facilitates collaborative code editing via wikis, activity feeds, git repository management, code reviews, and issue tracking.